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Visual Artist

About Me


Lee is an Abstract / Visual Artist born and raised in New York. Lee's love of art began as a child ; influenced by her Aunt who is also an artist. She would lay on her Aunts living room floor in Greenwich Village and play with glow in the dark markers and news print for hours.
Lee's love and connection to art flourished into her adulthood .

When she was asked what her paintings mean to her, she stated, ” It’s a feeling, an emotion that comes from inside that evolves onto a canvas. Each piece means something to me.... I don’t go into it with any preconceived ideas. Each piece is  an event that was personal in my life. I'm hoping that the viewer can interpret what it evokes in themselves. As an abstract painter, I'm not recreating a landscape or the human form. I'm trying to create an emotion with bold markings, contrasting color, energy, and disguised or exposed writing. In this disorder I create a chaotic peace. 

Work Experience


4/2022 Princeton Art Jam, Princeton NJ

3/2022 Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach CA

10/2021-12/2021  Art629 Gallery Asbury NJ

10/2021  Princeton Art Jam NJ

1/2021-2/2021  Hopewell Gallery Art Jam Hopewell NJ 

11/2020-12/2020  Blue Garage Art Jam  Ewing NJ

4/2020-5/2020   Princeton Art Jam Princeton NJ

8/2019-9/2019  ChaShaMa Gallery Queens NY

4/2018-5/2018  Hopewell Valley Vineyards Hopewell NJ

4/2018  Princeton Art Jam Princeton NJ

2/2017-3/2017  Common Threads 5  Hopewell NJ 

9/2016-10/2016  Rowan Art Gallery Mt. Holly NJ

6/2016- 7/2016   Hopewell Valley Vineyards Hopewell NJ

6/2014   Times Square Billboard NYC NY

3/2014 - 4/2014   Trenton Social Trenton NJ

12/2013 -2/8/2013  Scope Art Basel Miami FLA

10/2013   Digital Skyscraper Show Brooklyn  NY

8/2013 -9/2013   Gallery 219 Trenton NJ

7/2013 - 9/2013   Seeme Gallery NYC NY

7/2013   Story of the Creative exhibition Angel Arensanz Foundation NYC NY

Contact Me

 Contact Me For Questions, Commissions Or  Just  To Leave Me A Note.....Thanks So Much For Stopping By- Lee


New York/ New Jersey
Tel: 609.462.6227

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